Other Services

Priority One Security has a solid reputation in this competitive industry by keeping up to date with the most current information, laws and computerized equipment. We provide a variety of services for you with patrol services or on-site guards. We specialize in Home Owner Associations, Apartment Properties, Commercial Properties, Shopping Centers, Private Communities, Mobile Home Parks, Hospitality and Executive Protection.​

For more detail information on any of our services, please give us a call 714-778-0447 or fill out a form for a free proposal evaluation.

Facility Lock & Unlock

Do you have a door, gate, or any facility that needs to be secured or unlocked? If so, we secure it all! This service can be bundled with other services or a stand alone service. We provide a Uniformed Security Officer to lock and unlock the following:

  1. Pools
  2. Clubhouses
  3. Gyms
  4. Office Buildings
  5. Industrial Gates
  6. Construction Gates
  7. Vacant or Vacation Homes (for realtors)

Pool Monitor

Whether you have a special event, summer activities or just need all year round pool security services we can assist with the following and more:

  1. Check identification or keys for proper entry to pool area
  2. Report activity at or around pool area
  3. Enforce all pool rules and regulations
  4. Escort violators from to pool
  5. Check the pool area for any safety violations
  6. Call 911 when an emergency occurs

Priority One Security Officers are NOT lifeguards. In cases of an emergency, they will attempt to render reasonable assistance while awaiting for emergency services to arrive!

Slurry Seal

Priority One Security can provide a Uniformed Security Officer This Security Officer will do the following:

  1. Cite or Tow vehicles that have not been removed before the scheduled day
  2. Warn or Tow Vehicle that attempt to park or drive on slurry seal
  3. Warn Pedestrians
  4. Report all violations to management

Shopping Centers

Are you experiencing the following issues at your shopping center?

  1. Homeless Persons
  2. Parking issues
  3. Vandalism
  4. Robberies/Burglaries

Priority One Security has the experience in patrolling shopping centers. We will help you set up a plan to fit your budget.

ATM Check

Priority One Security thoroughly checks and inspects all ATM for signs of alteration to include any skimming or PIN capturing devices. We continue to research different ways on trends and devices used.

Officer training, and information sharing, will ensure our attention to detail are second to none.

Priority One Security provide these services for ATM's

  1. Watch over Repairman
  2. Standby while money is being loaded or unloaded
  3. Continuous inspections for alterations

On Call Response

Priority One Security response to your home or business needs within moments of receiving the call. We can monitor the following with a bundle of services or as a stand alone service:

  1. Alarm Checks
  2. Out of Town Checks
  3. Baby Sitter Checks
  4. And more

Fumigation Security

Priority One Security provides Uniformed Security Officers to patrol check your property or a Standing Security Officer that will walk around your property, whether you need us for a day or a week we are always ready to serve and protect your property from any burglaries and vandalism, always alert because criminals don't sleep and neither do we!

Community Parks

Priority One Security provides Security for State, City, and Private Parks.

  1. Check for vandalism / graffiti
  2. Homeless control
  3. Keep restrooms checked and secure
  4. Monitor pools / playground / sport courts
  5. Check for broken sprinklers or lights out
  6. Check pool keys
  7. Enforce laws and regulations

Fire Watch

Our Security guards are highly trained and have the experience needed in providing fire watch services, whether your water is off due to repairs or your sprinkler service​ is malfunctioning or not working at all we got you covered!

Set up a fire watch security guard service to keep your property and assets safe and secured, remember better safe than sorry!

  1. Armed/Unarmed Security guard
  2. Daily activity logs.
  3. Periodic patrols of the property
  4. Identify safety/fire hazards
  5. Quick access to emergency agencies